Targeted Cancer Therapeutics

Targeted therapy is the foundation of precision medicine. Targeted cancer therapeutics target proteins that control how cancer cells grow, divide, and spread.

Targeted therapies attack specific areas or substances in cancer cells or can detect and inhibit certain kinds of messages sent inside a cancer cell that tell it to grow.

TriStar’s repository of tumor samples representing a variety of histological & molecular sub-types, pre and post treatment, can be interrogated via IHC, NGS, RNAseq and other platforms to detect the presence and prevalence of known and novel cancer targets.

Benefits of choosing Tristar’s services

Scientifically Relevant TMAs

Targeted TMA collection with extensive molecular & clinical follow up information, including multi-tumor or tumor-specific TMAs for most solid tumor and heme malignancies. Multi-normal (non-malignant) tissue TMAs to benchmark tumor specific biomarker expression.

Automated IHC platforms

Reproducible IHC biomarker data utilizing automated IHC platforms (Ventana, Dako).

4MD Pathologists

TriStar pathologists can deliver IHC biomarker scores to customer-agreed criteria, including pathologist-assisted digital image analysis outputs.

NGS Services

Samples annotated using standard ThermoFisher & Illumina panels, Genexus & NovaSeq equipment. Reports can include TMB, HLA-DR, MSI, TCR and BCR.

Service Workflow

Define Your Project Requirements
We will sit down with you and work out exactly what the objective of your project is as well as the parameters to work within.
Sample Allocation
We will source the right samples from within our repositories and network.
Services Platform
We will make sure we can put together the right team and platforms to complete your project correctly and on time.
Confirm & Start Project
A Statement of Work that includes a project plan, deliverables, costs and timelines will be discussed and agreed upon.

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