Accelerate your oncology R&D with quality biospecimens & data

Our biospecimen repository is purpose-built to accelerate oncology therapeutic development.

We are a key resource for

Pharma & biotech

Reliable & robust assay performance starts with high quality specimens. Our ethically approved anonymized clinical samples include annotated histopathological and molecular data plus clinical follow-up information.

Diagnostics companies

Our specimens and control tissues make us a key resource for diagnostic companies specializing in either histologic or nucleic acid assays, NGS, multiplex assays, and IHC using all prevalent platforms.

AI companies

TriStar offers a large searchable library of digital images including H&E and IHC stained tissues and associated metadata for use in algorithm development.


Multi-spectral spatial analysis of pre-treatment NSCLC cohort with 2nd line immunotherapy response data using MOTiFTM lung cancer PD-1/PD-L1 panel (Akoya).

Representative analysis of TMA cores from responders to immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI; top row) and non-responders (lower row). Volcano plot indicates enrichment & significance of cellular interactions - for example, between CD68+ and PD-1+/FoxP3+ cells in ICI-refractory tumors. Such studies can provide early insights into predictive biomarkers associated with response to ICI.

An expansive collection of unique tissue microarrays with extensive follow-up & molecular data

Scientifically relevant TMAs for your biomarker research developed from our strategically collected human tissue samples & collaborations

FFPE blocks, TMAs, Double-Spun Plasma, Buffy Coat

Multi Tumor, Normal, Tumor-specific and Variant-specific TMAs

Follow Up Data including Treatment, Response, Survival Information, and Molecular Data (IHC, NGS & RNAseq)

RNAscope pre-qualified TMAs, TMAs with NGS, RNAseq data

High quality tissues deliver high quality research

Our samples are well-suited to IHC, RNA-ISH, and NGS platforms.

FFPE blocks

We collaborate with Western Europe & the UK’s leading medical centers for samples of consistent quality which include follow up data on chemotherapy targeted and immuno-oncology treatments.

Double Spun Plasma

Explore circulating non-invasive biomarkers with double spun plasma matched to FFPE samples.

Integrated biomarker services – samples, annotated clinical & molecular data combined with expert CRO capabilities.

TriStar offers integrated biomarker services complete with samples, annotated clinical & molecular data and expert CRO capabilities

IHC Services

Our experienced ex-pharma scientists & pathologists specialize in IHC assay development, and protocol optimization & analysis to deliver robust data while accelerating project decisions.


RNAScope services offered with standard & custom probes plus pathology expertise and scoring per ACD guidelines.

NGS Services

Samples annotated using standard ThermoFisher & Illumina panels, Genexus & NovaSeq equipment. Reports can include TMB, HLA-DR, MSI, TCR and BCR.

Digital Spatial Profiling

Analyze targets & spatial relationships in context of TME with CODEX & Nanostring GeoMx DSP.

Image Analysis

Quantify and localize target expression across tumor types.

Prevalence Studies

TriStar’s services can be used to guide patient selection for projects & inform the path to clinical development. TMAs and/or FFPE blocks can be combined into sets to screen 150-1500 donor samples per indication.


Extensive collection of specimens reviewed and approved by pathologists for use in immuno-oncology assays.

Targeted Cancer Therapeutics

Explore oncology target expression, resistance mechanisms & cancer pathway interactions in specimens with NGS data & mutation status.

Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

TMAs and FFPE blocks with ADC relevant target expression information, treatment and follow up data

An industry-experienced scientific team to work with you to customize a fit-for-purpose biospecimen, data, and/or integrated services solution

Our approach begins with our customers’ science.

We focus our acquisition on patient cohorts that meet the needs of biopharma, clinical, and translational researchers.


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