Prevalence Studies

Guide patient selection for translational oncology & immuno-oncology drug discovery programs with a thorough understanding of biomarker expression & prevalence.

Step 1: Use TriStar’s multi-tumor/normal (non-malignant) TMAs to screen novel target expression across multiple tissue types simultaneously.

Step 2: Focus target expression analyses on cancers of interest with TriStar’s tumor-specific TMAs.

Step 3: Combine target prevalence data with molecular & clinical follow up (treatment/response information) for development of predictive/prognostic biomarkers.

  • Deliver biomarker strategy for clinical programs with rapid molecular profiling of multiple tissue types (tumor & normal) simultaneously.
  • Use TriStar’s TMAs & tissues for rapid evaluation of biomarker expression across multiple tumor types/donors and integrate with clinical follow up information.

Benefits of choosing Tristar’s services

Scientifically Relevant TMAs

Targeted TMA collection with extensive molecular & clinical follow up information empowers translational research for oncology drug development (resistance, relapse, metastasis, treatment response, immuno-oncology projects). Inventory & custom TMA construction.

Laboratory Services

Optimized assays: IHC, RNAScope, mIF, image analysis;
Seamless process - assay optimization; assay transfer; prevalent platforms; application to selected TMAs/tissues; staining/scoring & pathologist interpretation; digital image analysis; deliver data & report; project manager.

In-House MD Pathologists

FFPE block repositories, TMA construction, and biomarker analysis & interpretation supported throughout by qualified pathologists.

IHC Services

Our experienced ex-pharma scientists & pathologists specialize in IHC assay development, and protocol optimization & analysis to deliver robust data while accelerating project decisions.

Service Workflow

Define Your Project Requirements
We will sit down with you and work out exactly what the objective of your project is as well as the parameters to work within.
Sample Allocation
We will source the right samples from within our repositories and network.
Services Platform
We will put together the right team and platforms to complete your project correctly and on time.
Confirm & Start Project
A Statement of Work that includes a project plan, deliverables, costs and timelines will be discussed and agreed upon.

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