TNBC primary & matched mets with follow up data (TA3067)


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  • Cores per Donor: 1
  • Approx. # of Cores *: 36
  • Approx. # of Donors: 36

Please note that the default minimum is 5 slides per item number

Subject to confirmation of price and availability

Additional Specifications

  • No
  • 36
  • Yes
  • 1
  • 1mm
  • 36
  • TA3067
  • IHC
  • Yes

* The number of analyzable TMA cores decreases as successive sections are cut from a TMA block.

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Top Tier Infrastructure

From our labs to our repositories to our partners we have gone through great lengths to put together a robust infrastructure that produces quality and timely results for our customers.

The combination of our global pathology experts, state of the art genomic technology, and access to top tier medical institutions means that your organization is always in the best hands when working with us.

  • Always Ethically Obtained
  • Rigorous Quality Assurance for All Samples
  • Highly Diverse Sample Repository
  • Transparent Collection Protocols
  • State of The Art Service Platforms
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High Quality Samples

Our samples are always ethically obtained from top tier medical institutions around the globe. We work directly with our partners to consistently ensure that we are obtaining the right samples and data to enable current innovations within oncology.

  • Matched Metastasis, Serum, Plasma, and/or Data for Many Samples
  • Premade TMAs & Custom Developed TMAs Available
  • Custom Procurement Services for Difficult to Obtain Samples
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Securely Packaged

Our fulfillment centers are located on site within our labs. We have optimized our centers to ensure that all products that are shipped out are sent through quality assurance before being sent to the customer.

Our staff always ensure that we package our client's orders to minimize breakage and ease of unboxing. All orders are always shipped overnight via leading carriers to ensure that you get your order when you need it with minimal hassles.

  • Shipped In Industry Standard Containers
  • Expedited Shipping
  • Tracking Numbers Provided On Shipment
  • Associated Data Provided via Email
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