RNA-Seq Services

Selected cohorts with clinical outcome information have RNAseq data available.

RNAseq data can be used to understand target expression across disease types and to find gene signatures that predict disease prognosis and response to therapy. Tristar offers RNAseq services and RNAseq characterized FFPE samples.

These RNAseq platforms include whole exome and targeted gene panels as well as spatial transcriptomics. RNAseq or spatial transcriptomics data from TMAs with standard of care outcome data may be available for purchase.

Benefits of choosing Tristar’s services

FFPE specimens

FFPE specimens are carefully evaluated for % tumor content, purity, and minimal necrosis. Samples can be pre-selected for high tumor content without need of macrodissection.

Some samples and TMAs are pre-qualified by RNA-ISH and may be suitable for RNAseq services.

RNAseq data

RNAseq or spatial transcriptomics data may be available for specimens and tissue microarrays with clinical outcomes data. Please inquire.

Service Workflow

Define Your Project Requirements
We will sit down with you and work out exactly what the objective of your project is as well as the parameters to work within.
Sample Allocation
We will source the right samples from within our repositories and network.
Services Platform
We will put together the right team and platforms to complete your project correctly and on time.
Confirm & Start Project
A Statement of Work that includes a project plan, deliverables, costs and timelines will be discussed and agreed upon.

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