NGS Services

Rare and not so rare variants can be easily searched from inventory FFPE samples or on tissue microarrays. Multiplatform data (IHC and RNAseq) may be available for selected cohorts.

Samples are annotated using standard ThermoFisher Oncomine or Illumina Spike in NGS panels. Inventory can be queried for SNV, CNV, Indels, and Fusions.

QC outputs from these NGS platforms can be provided upon request and purchase. Tumor mutation burden (TMB), microsatellite instability (MSI), HLA-DR genotype, TCR and BCR sequences are additionally reported from the Illumina platform.

Benefits of choosing Tristar’s services

Pre-existing samples

Pre-existing samples can be searched for molecular variants of interest.

Broad coverage

Broad coverage of 523 variants including outputs important to immuno-oncology is available through the Illumina spike in panel.

Service Workflow

Define Your Project Requirements
We will sit down with you and work out exactly what the objective of your project is as well as the parameters to work within.
Sample Allocation
We will source the right samples from within our repositories and network.
Services Platform
We will put together the right team and platforms to complete your project correctly and on time.
Confirm & Start Project
A Statement of Work that includes a project plan, deliverables, costs and timelines will be discussed and agreed upon.

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