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TriStar Technology Group LLC has had the privilege of working with innovative organizations around the world to support their research and intellectual property development over the past decade. Part of our core strategy is to also collaborate with leading platform manufacturers to generate innovative research publications.

TriStar Original and Collaborative Research

As of 2019 TriStar Technology Group has begun to actively develop our own research by collaborating with promising technology, biotechnology, and research organizations. We will continue to update this table with our new research. To view a publication simply click the "view" button on the correlated row.
Multidimensional Gene Expression Models for Characterizing Response and Metastasis in Solid Tumor Samples04/01/2019 ViewCofactor GenomicsPoster
Tumor Heterogeneity and Primary Versus Metastatic Evaluation of PD-L104/01/2019ViewIstituto Oncologico del MediterraneoPoster
Analysis of the immune microenvironment in pre-treatment non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients with follow-up response data to second line immunotherapy12/12/2019ViewNanostring TechnologiesPoster
Comparative analysis of the immune microenvironment in histological subtypes of lung and breast cancer using a tissue microarray (TMA) comprising invasive margin (IM) and tumor center (TC)12/12/2019ViewSeoul National University Medical College, Seoul, South KoreaPoster
Comparative multiplex digital phenotyping of the tumor micro environment across multiple tumor types using a well characterized multi-tumor tissue microarray2021ViewUltivue, Oracle BioPoster

Papers, Patents, and Reports That Cite TriStar

Since TriStar Technology Group's inception, we have continued to take steps to ensure that our service and product offerings come from a scientific and not a commodity point of view. We have been able to support the biomarker research efforts of many teams across the globe by continuing to provide product and service offerings that are in line with the latest trends in oncology research. In the table below you will find papers, reports, and patent applications that cite TriStar Technology Group LLC as a vendor.
Inhibition of lymphatic metastasis in neuroblastoma by a novel neutralizing antibody to vascular endothelial growth factor‐DSep-12ViewChugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.Paper
Targeting Nuclear EGFR: Strategies for Improving Cetuximab Therapy in Lung CancerSep-14ViewUniversity of Wisconsin, U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel CommandReport
Anti-EpCAM antibody and uses thereof4/4/2007 - 04/02/2028ViewAlfasigma SpAPatent Application
Clinically Viable Gene Expression Assays with Potential for Predicting Benefit from MEK InhibitorsMar-17ViewAstraZenecaPaper
Nuclear Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Is a Functional Molecular Target in Triple-Negative Breast CancerMay-14ViewUniversity of Wisconsin, U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel CommandPaper
CD133/prominin-1 is a potential therapeutic target for antibody-drug conjugates in hepatocellular and gastric cancersJul-08ViewSeattle Genetics, CeleraPaper
The Discovery and Preclinical Development of ASG-5ME, an Antibody–Drug Conjugate Targeting SLC44A4-Positive Epithelial Tumors Including Pancreatic and Prostate CancerNov-16ViewAgensys, Seattle Genetics Inc.Paper
Identification of Genes Required for the Survival of Prostate Cancer CellsJun-11ViewUniversity of Rochester U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel CommandReport
Immunohistochemical Detection of BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 Expression in Human Breast and Ovarian TumorsJul-13ViewMerckPaper
pRAD50: a novel and clinically applicable pharmacodynamic biomarker of both ATM and ATR inhibition identified using mass spectrometry and immunohistochemistryNov-18ViewAstraZeneca, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research CentrePaper
Cross-Platform Comparison of Computer-assisted Image Analysis Quantification of In Situ mRNA Hybridization in Investigative PathologyJan-19ViewEli Lilly and CompanyPaper
Abstract LB-110: Expression of multiple androgen receptor splice variants in late stage prostate cancerAug-15ViewAstraZenecaAbstract
Systems for analyzing tissue samples08/2006 - 02/2028ViewGeneral Electric CoPatent Application
The Human Antibody Fragment DIATHIS1 Specific for CEACAM1 Enhances Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxicity Against Melanoma Cell Lines In VitroNov-15ViewDiatheva S.R.L.Paper
Preclinical Characterization of SGN-70, a Humanized Antibody Directed against CD70Dec-08ViewSeattle GeneticsPaper
Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinase-4 Is Elevated in Early-Stage Breast Cancers with Accelerated Progression and Poor Clinical CourseSep-09ViewLankenau Institute for Medical Research, University Medical Center HamburgPaper
Prognostic significance of PIK3CA and SOX2 in Asian patients with lung squamous cell carcinomaNov-14ViewNippon Medical SchoolPaper
Dickkopf-1 is regulated by the mevalonate pathway in breast cancerFeb-14ViewTechnical University, DresdenPaper
Selection, affinity maturation, and characterization of a human scFv antibody against CEA proteinFeb-06ViewKenton s.r.l., Sigma-Tau, National Institute of Health (Italy)Paper
Identification of a Subset of Human Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients with High PI3Kβ and Low PTEN Expression, More Prevalent in Squamous Cell CarcinomaFeb-14ViewAstraZenecaPaper
Diagnostic markers of breast cancer treatment and progression and methods of use thereof04/2005 - 04/2019ViewPrediction Sciences LLCPatent Application
Detection and Treatment of Pancreatic, Ovarian and Other CD70 Positive Cancers04/2008 - 04/2019ViewSeattle Genetics IncPatent Application
Antibodies and assays for detection of cd3708/2015 - PresentViewDebiopharm International SaPatent Application
Cytotoxicity mediation of cells evidencing surface expression of MCSP01/2003 - 10/2023ViewArius Research IncPatent Application
Pathobiological Implications of the Expression of EGFR, pAkt, NF-κB and MIC-1 in Prostate Cancer Stem Cells and Their ProgeniesFeb-12ViewUniversity of Nebraska Medical CenterPaper
Survivin and Cyclooxygenase-2 are co-expressed in human and mouse colon carcinoma and in terminally differentiated colonocytesJun-05ViewMerckPaper
CEA/CD3 bispecific antibody MEDI-565/AMG 211 activation of T cells and subsequent killing of human tumors is independent of mutations commonly found in colorectal adenocarcinomasDec-14ViewMedImmune, AmgenPaper
Mechanism of Oncogenic Signal Activation by the Novel Fusion Kinase FGFR3–BAIAP2L1Mar-15ViewChugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.Paper
Enfortumab Vedotin Antibody–Drug Conjugate Targeting Nectin-4 Is a Highly Potent Therapeutic Agent in Multiple Preclinical Cancer ModelsMay-16ViewAgensysPaper
A novel antibody–drug conjugate targeting SAIL for the treatment of hematologic malignanciesMay-15ViewIgenica BiotherapeuticsPaper
Imaging Pancreatic Cancer with a Peptide−Nanoparticle Conjugate Targeted to Normal PancreasMay-06ViewMassachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical SchoolPaper
MHC class I chain-related protein A and B (MICA and MICB) are predominantly expressed intracellularly in tumour and normal tissueApr-17ViewMediImmunePaper
Enzyme-based visualization of receptor–ligand binding in tissuesMar-06ViewMassachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical SchoolPaper
Tissue Microarrays for Translational ResearchMar-12ViewUniversity Medical Center Hamburg EppendorfBook
A Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine Targeting Carcinoembryonic Antigen in Intestinal CarcinomasJan-09ViewMerckPaper
Development of ASG-15ME, a Novel Antibody–Drug Conjugate Targeting SLITRK6, a New Urothelial Cancer BiomarkerJun-16ViewAgensysPaper
Heterogeneity of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptors 1, 2, 3 in Primary Human Colorectal CarcinomaMay-16ViewEli Lilly and CompanyPaper
CD44v6 Is a Marker of Constitutive and Reprogrammed Cancer Stem Cells Driving Colon Cancer MetastasisJan-14ViewNational Cancer Institute (Italy)Paper
Lymphocyte Activation Antigen CD70 Expressed by Renal Cell Carcinoma Is a Potential Therapeutic Target for Anti-CD70 Antibody-Drug ConjugatesFeb-06ViewSeattle GeneticsPaper
FGFR2 Gene Amplification in Gastric Cancer Predicts Sensitivity to the Selective FGFR Inhibitor AZD4547May-13ViewAstraZenecaPaper