TriStar's Archived Samples

TriStar Technology Group LLC has spent over a decade developing a world-class human tissue repository to support the efforts of drug development particularly in oncology. All of our samples are obtained at our collaborating centres with the appropriate ethical approvals. The TriStar repository and laboratory operate within ISO-9001 quality systems.

Access over 2.5 million archived samples via TriStar in-house repository as well as collaborating centers

Wide Range of Sample Types & Associated Data

Our extensive in-house and network of repositories enables us to provide you with the right type of samples and associated data based on the needs of your project. The vast majority of samples we supply are obtained within the field of oncology and and we have access to samples from all malignant disease types and subtypes that are seen in clinical practice. We also access samples from patients with non-neoplastic conditions.

  • Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded
  • Frozen
  • Serum
  • Double Spun Plasma
  • Pathological Data
  • Molecular Data
  • Clinical Data
  • slide

Tissue Microarray Expertise

Our extensive repository uniquely positions us to provide targeted collection relevant to pharma and biotechnology companies focused on oncology research via our pre-created tissue microarrays. In addition to our existing inventory, we also offer bespoke construction as well as analysis & interpretation.

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